Spiders and Scorpions

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Spiders and Scorpions

Florida Stripped Scorpion

Dady Long Legs

How they eatSpiders put their food in a web than eat it it like thatScorpions can use their stinger to infect their posion in it then eat it.

Spiders and Scorpions

Types of Spider/ScorpionsTarantulaBlack WidowDady Long legsEmperor ScorpionFlorida Stripped Scorpion

How they moveSpiders walk on their tiny leg and they spread their legs out because they have so many legsScorpions walk on their legs too they have 3 legs on each side of their body

Black Widow

Emperor Scorpion


Common CharacteristicsThey both have small legsBoth can be posionousThe most dangerous ones are found in the rainforestBoth InvertebratesBoth very small


Reproduction/offspringThey both lay eggs and their children are very tiny and can not live on their own

Intresting FactsThey are both the top posionous animalsDady Long Legs are one of the most posionous spiders but their mouths are to small to break skinThe Six Eyed Spider the most second most venomous and can hide in the sandNot all scorpions are posionousAll spiders are posionous


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