Spider Monkey

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Spider Monkey

Maddie Hess5-CMay 2013

Noted for using the tail as an extra limb.

ThreatsIndigenous people often hunt spider monkeys for food, and the animals are usually agitated by human contact. Logging and deforestation continue to shrink the space that spider monkeys are able to call home.

ClimateThey live in areas that are Tropical, humid, dense, and lush

WeightSpider monkeys can weigh about 13.2 pounds and are 14–26 inches long, excluding the heavily furred tail, which is longer than the body

Spider Monkey

Diet Spider monkeys find food in the treetops. Fruits, nuts, leaves, seeds, and other plant matter is what they Would eat in the trees.they also eat Bird eggs and spiders

ApperanceWith thumbless hands, these lanky, potbellied creatures have a black face with white eye rings, but some have a flesh-colored face.

Location Spider monkeys live in forests from southern Mexico through Central and South America to Brazil.

They maintain a powerful grip on branches even though they have no thumbs.

Wary of humans, they will break off tree branches and try to drop them on intruders, and they bark like terriers when approached.


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