Sperm whale

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Sperm whale

Sperm Whale

The male is 50-60 feet long and weighs 40-50 tons. A female is 33-40 feet long and weighs 14-18 tons. The baby is 12-13 feet long and weighs 1 ton.

The fourth fact is they have the biggest nose in the world. The fifth fact is they spend 90 percent of their lives under water.

One fact is the sperm whale possess the largest head of any creature on Earth. The second fact is their heads make up 40 percent of their length. The third fact is their brain weighs 20 pounds.

They eat giant squid, octopi, fish, bony fish, meaga mouth sharks, small bottom-living sharks, cuttlefish, skate, shrimp, crab, and cephalopods. They are tooth whales and eat their food whole.

There are 360,000 sperm whales left. They are considered endangered because they were over-hunted for many years. They were hunted for their meat, oil, and other body parts that were very valuable.

The sixth fact is the sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales. The last fact is that the sperm whale's blowhole isn't straight on top of it's head. It is located on the top, left side of it's head.


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