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1. A person who would most likly use this word would be a banker or a car dealer ship.

3. Some none examples would be a credit report or credit history.

4. The most important thing to know about a credit score is that you dont want to have a bad credit score because it can stop you from getting a job or a car.

5. An example of a good credit score would be around 702.

6. As of right now it doesnt really mean anything to me because I dont have a credit card.

8. Ok so a guy went to the car dealer ship and said that he wanted to buy a car. So the worker said ok lets get you a car they went up and down the isles of cars and finaly came across a 2012 camaro. The guy said I want it so the worker told him to come inside they got all the paper work filled out and then the worker said lets check your credit score. When he seen what it was he said that he couldnt let him buy the car. So in other words always make sure that you have a good credit score.


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