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Sped Process

SPED Process

What Does it Look Like

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a process that takes place in most schools where intervention strategies are tried prior to a student being referred for special education services

If a parent, teacher or administrator notices something not in the 'norm' a referral for services, interventions and/or evaluation of student performance may be proposed to the school


If RTI doesn't supply the support a student needs they are referred to the IEP team and special education teacher and other service providers for assessment and evaluation

The IEP team starts collecting data through eveluation, focused assesment, teacher input and observation to determine a child's eligibility to recieve special education and/or related services

If a child is found eligible for services, the IEP team and the parents create an education plan for that student by creating goals, stating how much time they will be pulled for support and how they will be supported in the general education class

RTI process

The Process


Referral for Services

Evaluation and Determination

IEP (Individual Education Plan) implementation


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