Species Dispersal

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Environmental Studies


  • s2au54z 10 years ago

    s2au54z's avatar

    WOW this glog is pretty cool. I like that ending video what is that animal anyways. This glog taught me about why animals are where.

  • sg4u5e4 10 years ago

    sg4u5e4's avatar

    Well, as I re-read this glog, I discovered typos. Otherwise, I was proud of myself. ;D While making this glog, I learned many interesting things about Species Dispersal, and now I know how different animals get to different places. (:
    Marissa D.

  • sycxcf9 10 years ago

    sycxcf9's avatar

    This glog taught me alot about why animals are in their certain places.
    -Bethany G.

  • scwoqah 10 years ago

    scwoqah's avatar

    Kool now i know y some animals have to have certain places they adapted too Austin S.

  • sxotou7 10 years ago

    sxotou7's avatar

    cool. Now i know y Australia has weird animals, this glog taught me alot. Nice!

    Hadi M.

  • sot9q8c 10 years ago

    sot9q8c's avatar

    interesting animals and facts, marissa! Gary S.

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