Special Word Collage

by WoodworthSM
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Special Word Collage

How Will I Be Graded?•3 points – Your word highlighted•3 points – Your name in the bottom right of the glog•15 points – 15 pictures (Each picture is worth 1 point)•3 points – 5 decorations added•2 points – Glog wall and page wall backgrounds•4 points – Pictures cited in a speech bubble

What does my glog need?a.Your word highlighted (made to stand out)b.15 Pictures that show this emotion.c.If you have a song or video that would fit, ask Mrs. Mashock if you can add it.

Special Word Collage

Words to choose fromLove HateFamily RacisimDiscrimination HungerPeace HappinessSadness SurpriseFear FriendshipEducation Money


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