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Special Olympics

How to Volunteer

There are Special Oplympics events held right here in Kentucky! They have sports such as skiing, basketball, artistic gymnastics, soccer, flag football, etc. To get involved contact Special Olympics Kentucky: (502)-695-8222.

The special olympics is the largest sporting organization in the world for individuals with disabilities. This event takes place in over 150 countries and many people volunteer to help run the events and seek that everyone enjoys themselves.

Special Olympics




If you can't volunteer but still want to contribute somehow, you can donate! You can give money monthly on the Special Olympics official website: www.specialolympics.org. Other ways are personal funding, donating by phone, donating by mail, etc. There are so many ways to make a difference!

The Special Olympics started when Sargent and Eunice Shriver started a summer camp in their backyard in Maryland. In July 1968, Chicago held the first ever Special Olympics in Chicago. Today, every state, 170 countries, and many schools everywhere do their own special olympics.

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