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Special Needs

~Special Camps~Special camps help a lot because kids with special needs could go to normal camps but wouldn't be able to do everything. At special camps such as Camp Smiles kids are able to do everything and with kids like them. Lillie was able to do archery, horse back riding, and way more!

~Doctors & Surgeons~Doctors and surgeons help a lot in important ways because people with special needs sometimes need surgery on their bodies. They may have many trips to the doctor. Lillie, not to long ago, had surgury on her legs in 2014 to help her walk.

~Therapist~Therapist do alot because they help people with walking,speaking, and much more. They never give up on anyone even when they won't do something.

~Teachers~Teachers help special needs kids in lots of ways. There are even resourse teachers.They help kids who have trouble spelling, speaking, and others things. They will never give up even if they don't get it the first time.

~Family~Family help probably the most. Family take care and watch them the most. Parents are pretty great too. They're the ones who pay for everything. Family watch and care the most.

~ Organizations ~Organizations for special needs are great because they give bikes and raise money to help like Easter Seals who did " Walk with me ".

~My Story~The reason I chose special needs as my Glog project is because of my cousin, Lillie. She's a special needs kid who has cerebral palsy. She has issues walking and has had many surgeries. Having a cousin with special needs is hard. She's been made fun of before because of her special needs. Also when I see people with special needs I'm not scared of them or think they're werid because of Lillie. Once you get to know her she's super fun and you don't remember she has special needs.

~Friends~Friends are great! They make kids with special needs feel special and not different. Friends play games with them and treat them normally.

Special NeedsBy Jessica Mangels

~Jesus~Jesus loves and cares for every one even people with special needs. We should treat people with special needs just like Jesus does. Remember when they go to Heaven they will have perfect bodies.

~Bullys~Bullys are the least helpful. They make the kids feel different. It might even lead to violence.


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