Special Education Legislation History

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Special Education Legislation History

Special Education Legislation History






Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act This act states "that it is illegal to deny participation in activities or programs soley because of a disability."

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)It is "reauthorization of the original legislation (Education for All Handicapped Children Act, PL 94-142) designed to strengthen and improve earlier versions."

Public Law 88-164It supplied funds for training specialist to work with special needs kids. Also, it was supplied for students with IDD.

Public Law 94-142It was created to make sure that all special needs children had a FAPE, which targeted special education and services that meet their needs.

Public Law 99-457It provided federal funds to states to create plans and programs starting at birth for children and families.


Public Law 107-110 No Child Left Behind ActIt was created to hold schools and educators accountable for "bringing students to a minimum level of competency."


It was "a strong American tradition of education" being handled by the state and local governments. However, states were not always fully involved nor did they support special education well. The wrongdoing of the states lead way to the federal governments interference. In 1963 the federal government stepped in.

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