Special Education interview

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Special Education interview

Special Education Teacher Interview with Kevin Ethington.

How long have you been teaching special needs children?

"I will be finishing my 9th year in May."

Are there any comments you wish to add to close this interview?

"What advice can you give me for teaching chrildren with special needs in the regular education classroom?"

How Have your ideas toward teaching changed with each passing year of experience? Can you recall your ideas about teaching when you were a teacher education student like me? What were they? What are they now?

What made you choose the teaching profession and, in particular, teaching special needs children?

How does teaching children with special needs differ from teaching other chilren? What are some challenges you face in teaching special needs children? What are some rewards in teaching special needs children?

If you could choose another career field, would you? Please explain.

"What changes, if any, would you make to the educational system with regard to special needs children? Consider such aspects as inclusion, funding, state assessments, etc..."

"Yes. If it were an option, I would win the lottery and retire."

"Funding is ALWAYS a problem. Brownback put a black cloud over public education. State assessments aren't fair for special education students."

"Being a teacher keeps me young. High school kids are fun. I learn more every single day because of them."

"Teaching in a special needs class is a slower process, but richer. The concepts are NOT just presented...they are presented and taken apart, which makes learning easier. The greatest reward is that my class size is small, which is beneficial for me to get to know my students."

"Find the BEST para workers that you can! The better the para the better easier it is to teach the course. They know how to do their job, otherwise you spend more time trying to teach the para rather than the students (which is no fun)."

"Every becomes more challenging with the different types of students. I had no idea that there was this much political involvement. Everything is constantly changing and sometimes it's hard to keep up with."

"I was previously an art teacher and within those classes I had several special needs students. They always seemed to work the hardest on their projects and it's what inspired me to be with those hard workers. "

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