Special Education History

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Special Education History

Brought about a widespread focus on providing the best-researched, most effective methods for special education teaching





Rehabilitation Act

Provided further accountability to schools and added technology assistance and loan programs to help schools acquire needed special education resources

Guaranteed and enforced the right of children with disabilities to receive a free, appropriate education.

Required accommodations for disabled students in schools

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Special Education History

Terminology: began as "Idiots" to "Mentally Retarded" to "Disabled" to "Special Ed" to "Exceptional Child"

NoChild Left Behind

Edu. for All Handicapped Children

IDEA:Individuals with Disabilities Act

Helpful OrganizationsEaster SealsNICHCYParents Helping ParentsU.S. Dept. of EducationChild Development InstitutePacerFamily VoicesAnd so many more...


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