Special Education Guide for Ontario Schools

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Special Education Guide for Ontario Schools

Special Education in Ontario

Important Distinction

There is an important distinction between accommodations and modifications. All students are entitled to accommodations meant to help make all students successful. Modifications are made in consultation of an IEP.

A Guide for Principals for the IEP Process

The Legalities

​"We recognize all learners as our learners and w​ork together to ensure the discovery of potential each and every day."

What is the Principal Responsible for:When an IPRC identifies a student as an exceptional pupil, the principal must: * ensure that an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for that student is developed and maintained. * The IEP is developed with input from the parent(s)/guardian * The IEP is developed within 30 days of the placement of an exceptional pupil in a particular program. * The parents/guardian(s) are provided with a copy* The IEP can also be prepared for students who require accommodations, program modifications and/or alternative programs, but who have not been identified as exceptional by an IPRC.

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Policy/Program Memoranda Concerning Special Education.PPM 11 concerns the requirement for early identification of children’s learning needs.PPM 59 concerns psychological testing and assessment of students.PPM 76C concerns alternative educational programs and services for deaf, blind and deaf-blind exceptional PPM 81 concerns the provision of health support services in school settings. PPM 85 concerns education programs for pupils in government-approved care and/or treatment facilities.PPM 127 concerns the OSSLT– accomodations, deferrals and exemptions. PPM 140: ABA into programs for students with ASDPPM 156: Supporting Transitions For Students With Special Education Needs


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