Speaking Activity 26 2015

by Bernata
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Speaking Activity 26 2015

Student B - how much/London T-shirts?- where/dragon mugs/from? - got any/souvenirs/Scotland?- got any/Union Jack souvenirs?- where/shop?

Student A

Tips for teachersTime: 10 minMaterial needed: a set of cards for a pairTarget grammar: general questions, special questions

Your task: You are a shop assistant in a British souvenir shop. Answer a phone call.

Your task: You want to buy some British souvenirs. Call a souvenir shop and ask questions to find out information about souvenirs they have.

Speaking ActivityOutcome: to ask different kinds of questions to find out information about British souvenirsLanguage skill: Speaking

Souvenirs of Britain

TaskWork in pairs. Each of you has a card.Do NOT show it to your partner.Act out a dialogue according to your tasks in the cards.



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