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Loudspeakers and Electromagnets



Different Types

High-quality loudspakers speakers usually have two or more drivers to more acurately reproduce different frequencies. Larger drivers are better for bass sounds, smaller is better for treble. Headphones usually only have one driver on each side, and bigger is generally better. Earbuds by nesscity have smaller drivers, and sound worse than on-ear headphones.

All speakers contain an electromagnet, which behaves like a normal magnet except that it's poles flip whenever the current direction changes. A speaker uses this by being sent an alternating current encoded with the frequencies of the audio to be reproduced.

The electromagnet is placed in front of a permeant magnet. The permanent magnet is fixed to the speaker's casing, while the electromagnet is free to move a small amount. The electromagnet is fixed to a cone made of plasic that allows it to move the air enough to produce sound waves.

As the alternating current is passed through the electromagnet coil, it it's magnetic field rapidly changes. When its field changes, it is alternately attracted to and repelled by the permanent magnet. This causes the electromagnet to vibrate in the same pattern as the original sound waves.

The Technical Stuff


The Basics