Speakasies- The Roaring 20s

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Speakasies- The Roaring 20s

-New York had the most common Speakeasies between 45th and 62nd street where almost every single building contained illegal liquor-Manhattan’s 21 club was the most secure because they could easily hide all of their alcohol -To transport alcohol secretley, people wore it under clothes, used false books, coconut shells, hot water bottles, drained eggs, and garden hoses

Speakasies were establishments that sold alcohol during prohibition. They are symonymous to todays clubs and bars & created by and for people who still wanted to drink alcohol. They were hidden in buisnesses, underground, or in secret places all over the Uinted States and Canada

a secret knock, password, or handshake would get you into one of the speakeasieswith speakeasies there were more Americans drinking than there ever was before

Facts & Information

The Roaring 20s


The Volstead Act enforced prohibition. Prohibition is what cause people to create Speakasies. Prohibition ended because of the repeal of the 18th amendment which also ended Speakeasies



Slang/code for alcohol included...white mule, horse liniment, monkey rum, panther sweat, tarantula juicePeople who provided alcohol became very wealthy


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