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Title: SPEAK

Main EventsMelinda gets raped at a party the summer before grade 9 and doesn't tell anyone. When she enters grade 9 she is outcast because she called the cops after she was raped but didnt say she was raped. When she finds a an abandoned closet in the school she ues it when ever she needs to get away and calm down. when she does tell Rachel that Andy Evans raped her it is revealed to the whole school.

SettingsThe book Speak is set in current day Syracuse New York

CharactersMain character: Melinda SordinoSuppoting Characters: Heather, Rachel Bruin, Andy Evans, Mr.Freeman


Problem, conflict


The problem in the book is that Melinda is outcast and she doesn't face the fact that she was raped. She has no friends when she goes into grade 9 she doesn't know weather to tell anyone or even talk to anyone. All of melinda's friends will not talk to her a and there for will not help her.

The conclusion of the book is when Melinda finish's her tree that she spent drawing for art class. When she tells Mr. Freeman and Rachel she feel like there was justice for when she was raped and it is put to rest for her.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE BOOK?Every middle school student in canada should read this book in preperation for high school. It was a very informative and a good read for kids and adults.


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