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The problem/conflict is that when Melinda went to the party Andy Evans raped her, and after she got away she called the cops and no one has forgave her since. Her parents don't even know because she was suppose to be sleeping over her friend, Rachel's house that night.The conflict/problem's development over the course of the text is that since the raping, she never told anyone and now she doesn't talk to anyone. She lost all of her friends but trys to tell Rachel but Rachel thinks that Mel is just jealous that she is dating Andy and she is not. Also, when Melinda sees Andy, she calles him "IT" and she is scared of him when she sees him.The confict was solved by Mel when she finally tells someone and that person was the art teacher, Mr. Freeman.I think this was a satisfying resolution because Melinda should have told someone about the raping after it happened because if she did then no one would hate her and she would be the Melinda she was in 8th grade, happy. By finally opening up to someone she is able to free herself of this nightmare.

What the author wants someone to learn is that once something happens, don't hold it back, tell someone, speak.This theme is universal because there are many situations where people are affraid to come forward and say something. Like Mel in our story, when they do tell someone, they wish that they had spoken earlier.

The setting contains her bedroom, the art room, and expescially her janitor's closet.The time period is modern day America.The mood is depressing for her but for the atmosphere around her it is joyful.

"I bite my lip. I am not going to think about it. It was ugly, but it's over, and I'm not going to think about it. My lip bleeds a little. It tastes like metal. I need to sit down," (Anderson 5).

"Somebody flicks the lights off. My head snaps up. IT is there. Andy Beast. Little rabbit heart leaps out of my chest and scampers across the paper, leaving bloody footprints on my roots. He turns the lights back on. I smell him. have to find out where he gets that cologne. I think it's called Fear. This is turning into one of tose repeating nightmares where you keep falling but never hit te floor. Only I feel like I just smacked onto the ground at a hundred miles an hour," (Anderson 161).

"'You get an A+. You worked hard at this.' He hands me the box of tissues. 'You've been through a lot, haven't you?'The tears dissolve the last block of ice in my throat. I feel the frozen stillness melt down through the inside of me, dripping shards of ice that vanish in a puddle of sunlight on the stained floor. Words float up.Me: "Let me tell you about it,'" (Anderson 198)

This closet is abandoned-it has no purpose, no name. It is the perfect place for me," (Anderson 26).

The role/purpose of Melinda is to show a main character that lost all of her friends and her voice because of one thing, the call to the police at the party. After Andy Evans tried to rape her, she called the cops and no one liked Mel afterwards for doing that.Mel doesn't speak much but she wishes she could tell someone but she doesn't. Also, she is creative, because she is good at art. In art she has to draw/make a tree and she finds differet ways to make one using all different things such as the bones of her turkey she had at Thanksgiving, and paper and chalk.Melinda's physical traits are that she is a medium sized, brown haired, girl with brown eyes and pale skin.Melinda's actions are that she makes art, and doesn't speak to anyone that much.A motive for Mel's behavior is that she is misunderstood my everyone in the school. They think she called the cops because of the activities at the party, they dont't know the truth of what happened, and she is not able to comunicate what she is feeling.

This quote connects to the book becaue Melinda always bites her lip to stay quiet. She bites her lips hard if she has a desire to talk.

This quote connects to the book because whenever Melinda sees Andy Evans, she gets scared. Mel is scared that he is going to do something bad to her again.

This quote connects to the book because Melinda never told anyone about what happened and now she feels like it is the time to tell someone so she opens up to her art teacher, Mr. Freeeman. He can tell that she has gone through a lot because of the time spent in her art work.

This quote connects to the book because the janitor's closet is where she feels safe. Mel goes there often throughout the book and she puts her variaus projects that she made in art class in there.


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