speak for lassiter

by kararte
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speak for lassiter

Melinda is not in a click;, no friends to be with and her old friends do not have time for her. She tries to fit in with the crowd, but is rejected by everyone. At lunch, she tried to find someone to sit with. She went to join Heather but gets nailed by one of the basketball players. So far, Melinda's experience in high school has been less than positive.

Pg4:"We fall into clans: Jocks, country clubbers, idiot savants, cheerleaders, human waste, future fascists of america, big hair chix, the marthas, suffering artists, thespians, goths, shredders."pg:4"I have entered high school with the wrong clothes, the wrong hair, and the wrong attitude."

"On the Outside" : Jordan Pruitt.In my opinoin, things aren't going so well for Melinda. She needs to open herself to people and find new friends. Also, she should discuss the dissagreement with her friends and make amends with them.


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