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Spartaucs first fought for Roman entertainment as a Thracian gladiator.

A depcition of a battle fought by Spartacus and his men against the Romans.

In 131 BC a slave revolt was ended without spreading but in 73 BC Spartacus led a massive slave rebellion spreading fear throughtout Rome. Spartacus and his army defeated two consul armies until his forces were defeated by Marcus Crassuss in 71 BC. After his defeat, 6,000 of his troops were crucified along the Appian Way as a warning to other slaves who may have wanted to revolt.

Spartacus was a slave turned galdiator who led one of the most notorious slave revolts in Rome of all time. He and several other gladiators at their training school revolted and killed the guards, sparking a revolt.


In the movie Spartacus, the men all claim to be Spartacus, to spare the real Spartacus from crucifiction. But in all actallity it is believed that Spartacus died in his last battle yet his body was never found.

The routes of Crassus and Spartacus.

There are many theories on why Spartacus was punished.One historian suggested that Spartacus deserted the Roman army and became a highway man, or perhaps he, like many other Thracians joined in guerilla warfare against the Romans. No matter the case, he was given the most sevre punishment by the Romans and made to fight in the arena as a gladiator.

Spartacus was born in the Balkans, also known as Thrace, which was conquered by Rome in the 2nd century BC. The Romans forced Spartacus to fight in the Roman auxilary.


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