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ReligionsSpartans were mainly polytheistic, they believed and a large number of gods. The main gods they believed in were The Olympians which included gods such as Zeus. The Spartans has a strong belief that the gos should be obeyed without question. They also held many religious festivals.

ArchitectureSpartans lived a life style of preservation which can be seen in there architecture. Most buildings are very simple and functional. They used the minimal amount of what they could to make the best working structure they could. Almost all their structures were simple and sparse.

AgricultureAgriculture in Sparta was done by Perioecis and slaves, actual Spartans never participated in this. The government let slaves/helots live on a peice of land where they could farm, marry, and even have kids. They just had to supply the government with half of their harvest. These people basically farmed for the Spartans allowing them to be warriors and not worry about farming.

TradeJust like agriculture, trade is something actual Spartans didnt participate in. The people in the society who traded were the merchants and artisans. They brought in most of the cities income and were in general the most wealthy class.

GovernmentThe Spartans had a very unusual government, the city was ruled by 2 kings whos power was limited by a council of 28 men. The council was known as the "Council of Elders" and was composed of the highest class men.

Social ClassThe Spartan class system consisted of 3 main classes. At the top were the Spartiates, they were mostly soldiers and natives to Sparta. Below them were the Perioeci, these were mostly farmers and skilled people from some of the first places Sparta conquered. These people had a fair amount of rights but had no real say in politics. At the bottom of the chain were the slaves, these were often people that rebelled against the Spartans but were conquered.

ArtSpartans had a really artistic community. They were some of the few to craft and forge amazing peices of bronze. Poets were also highly valued in their society. They also enjoyed singing and dancing and would have competitions with one another.

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WarfareOne of the most important parts of Spartan society was war. They had an exceedingly well trained army composed of only the best soldiers. As a Spartan, children don't go to school, they begin training to become a soldier. This ensures that they will have the skills they need to fight in the army when they grow up.




VocabHelots - State owned slavesPolytheistic - Believes in multiple godsSpartiates - Native SpartansOlympians - Gods or goddesses of ancient Greek pantheon


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