Sparta by Matt Cady

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Sparta by Matt Cady

Sparta by Matt Cady

Aristodemus, the surviving Spartan with the eye infection had brown squares sown onto his cloak, the sign of a trembler and shunned on his return, he died at the battle of Platea, running singlehanded into the enemy killing many before he died, redeeming his name.

Not all 300 Spartans died at Thermopylae, one was sent on a diplomatic mission whilst another due to an eye infection returned to Sparta.

Spartan boys were inspected at birth by elders, any deformed were discarded.

Spartan women were encouraged to breed, the more prolific she proved herself the higher her prestige.

Sparta itself was a conglomerate of four village settlements with no walls.

From the age of 7yrs boys were trained in the Agoge (Raising) many would die during the training due to the severe beatings given

A Spartan was considered a coward or trembler if he showed any fear

All Spartans followed the strict laws of Lykourgos

A Spartan would be given one cloak to wear for a whole year and never issued with footwear

Sparta supported itself by enslaving the citizens from defeated Messenia calling them helots.



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