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Social Class


The spartans believed in not one god but many gods so they were polytheism. The Spartans believed in the olympian gods. One of spartans belief was that the gods have to be obeyed and respected at all times. For example they worshiped Aphrodite, goddess of love, as a warrior which complimented spartans attitude to not only fight but also their equality towards women. The spartans favored all the gods equally but the ones they favored a little more were the gods or was like Ares and Apollo.

The spartans had good fertile land so they grew many things. Their three most important products were cereal, olives, and wine. Animals were also a big part of agriculture because they were used to work and, produce manure and for food, sometimes for leather. Pigs were a very important part.

Overall spartans believed in skills and knowledge more than the high and fancy life.the lifestyle was not about celebration it was more towards preservation. Their lifestyle reflected their buildings; simple and functional. Sparta was the most independent state and it did not have walled cities. It was more free and unconstrained. For this the spartans had much respect from others and no one would invade them unless they had a valid reason.

A lot of painted pottery was found from the Spartans. There were also vases found. Sparta was known for its poetry, music, and dance. there are only four knows spartan poets who were admired but only fragments of their work has survived throughout the centuries. The most significant monuments were the Menelaion and the Amyklaion. The Menelaion was dated back to 700 BC and its a monument for Menelaos and Helen. Amyklaion was built in Spartas Golden age. It contains a massive bronze statue of Apollo.

Sparta was ruled two kings who inherited their position and by a small group of retired warriors. There was 28 retired warriors called “council of elders” who limited the power the two kings. The government system included monarchical, oligarchic and democratic components. For monarchical there were two kings who are inherited from previous kings. One king was from Agiad and the other from Eurypontid.

The Spartans did not depend much on trade but more on farming and taking control of the neighboring cities. It is a very rich territory that has many natural resources like copper, quarries, and forests. They also had a lot of fertile valleys which were good for growing different foods from olives to wine, and provide good pasture for cattle, sheep ,and goat.

The highest class was made up of two kings and a 28-member “council of elders”. The highest class made most of the decisions. There was also a middle class called Perioeci who was beneath the highest class. Middle class was made up of farmers and artisans. At the bottom are the helots. This is a slave class that are descendants who resist subjugation from Sparta.


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