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Sparc Team Glogster

Hydroelectric HouseIn areas where people burn coal to generate electricity, the coal runs out and people can't make electricity to power houses and lights. This is called a non-renewable resource. Our idea is to install a turbine, located under a house, powered by water waste draining from sinks, showers, water spouts, ect.That water still has a bit of energy that we can use to help power lights in houses. The turbine will spin the water waste and the energy from the water waste will transport to the powerhouse, which then filters into the wires in your house to power a portion of the lights in your home. The water that has been used in the turbine will drain to the sewer.

Improved FootwearNASA invented an insole that has more stability. It is more durable and shock absorbant. When stepping on a bump or rocks, the shoes protect you from getting injured. The improved footwear has helped by keeping our feet safe by protecting then with shock absorbant pads.

Ingestible Toothpaste For people with limited access to bathrooms, including astronaunts living in space, this toothpaste is a good tasting, foamless toothpaste that can be swollowed. When using normal toothpaste, little children and/or pets can swollow the toothpaste and get sick. If using ingestible toothpaste, there won't be such a big problem when small children and/or pets swollow the toothpaste.

Liquid MetalNASA researched the use of lightweight, ultra strength metals. These metals have a dramatic effect on the way sports equipment is manufactured. They help people keep their metal equipment strong so the equipment is less breakable.

Evaluating During the TestingDuring our first test, we had to hold the tubes so the system could stay up. Then, we thought we should add a foundation so our hands are more free. Next, we put towels on the ground under the model so it wouldn't make the ground wet. We also updated the blades by putting ducktape on them, instead of foil. This made the blades stronger and prevented them from being impacted by the water pressure.

What is a Spin off Technology?

It is an object that NASA originally created for space, but is now helping people on earth.

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The Model Itself

The diagram of the Hydroelectric House that shows how it will work if it actually was made and stored under a house.

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