Spanish Texas

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Spanish Texas

Spanish Infleuence

1.) What were the driving motives for Spanish exploration of the New World? 2.) What did the Spanish do to interact with the native people? 3)What are missions and what was their purpose in Texas? 4.) What are some of the causes of Spanish cease of power in Texas?

Early Exploration: The Spanish began to explore the New World in search of natural resources and territory.Cultural Absorption: The Spanish began building missions and presidios to share the Catholic religion as well as to "Hispanisize" the indian population. Defensive Occupation:The Spanish lost their territory in Texas to Mexico in 1821 as a result of the Mexican War for Indepedence.

The Spanish in Texas

Essential Questions

*Many names of Texas towns, cities, counties, and geographical features are in the Spanish language.*Spanish was the first European language spoken in Texas.*The judicial procedures in Texas are influeced by the Spanish.*Europen livestock, livestock practices, and crops were introduced to Texas by the Spanish.*Famous missions, such as the Alamo, have become an important part of Texas history.


INFLUENTIAL SPANISH EXPLORERS Panfilo de NarvaezAlvar Nunez de Cabeza de VacaFrancisco Vazquez de Coronado

Although there are many misconceptions about the Spanish and their role in forming what is now Texas, it cannot be denied that Spanish influence is still evident in today's culture and practices.The Spanish conquering tactics, much like any of the European peoples who explored the New World, have been questioned regarding the way they interacted and treated the indigenous people.One cannot argue that the Spanish sought to gain power over the New World, which they did for a long period of time, but their efforts eventually proved to be overtaken by the ever-evolving circumstances and desire for power.

Interactions between the Spanish and the native people

Concluding Thoughts

Spanish Texas


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