Spanish Speaking Countries

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Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish speaking countries tend to have a few differences in in the culture. So you won't usually find something from Cuba in Spain. They have different food, clothes, and lifestyles. They differ in traditions and religion as well.

The Capitals of these countries are; Real Madrid, SpainPanama City, PanamaSanto Domingo, Dominican RepublicandHavana, Cuba.

There are many Spanish Speaking Countries around the World, including Panama, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru and amazingly enough, Spanish is spoken in Equatorial Guinea, Malabo in Africa!

One of Panama's traditions is dancing!

Spanish Speaking Countries

Cubans, were unable to worship openly for nearly five decades, times are changing! Religion in Cuba has grown in spite of the fact that Cuba is officially an atheist country. Religion is now sparking in Cuba.

The Dominican Republic celebrates,the majority of the celebrations are surrounded by the Fiesta Patronales, they are celebrations that are held in honor of the Patron Saint.

Religion has just recently started up again in Cuba.

The Dominican Republic has a lot of festivals.

Spain has one of the best soccer teams in the world!


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