spanish preterite tense

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spanish preterite tense

Regular verb endings-ar = é, aste, ó, amos, aron-er/-ir = í, iste, ió, imos, ieron

The preterite is the simple past tense in Spanish. Like "ed" in English.

General Rule:it is used for past actions that are seen as completed.

Spanish Preterite Tense

pattern practice

Pattern practice

Watch out for Pirates!-car, -gar, zarthe yo form is irregular

No -ar/er stemchangers

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Preterite indicator wordsayer (yesterday)la semana pasada (last week)anoche (last night)el mes pasado (last month)el otro día (the other day)el año pasado (last year)entonces (then)hace dos días, años(two days, years ago)esta mañana(this morning)ayer por la mañana(yesterday morning)

When to Use it- actions that can be viewed as single events- actions that were repeated a specific number of times, or occurred during a specific period of time.- actions that were part of a chain of events- to state the beginning or the end of an action

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The preterite tense is full of irregular verbs. Go to the next Glog to start learning them.


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