Spanish Maestra Parsons (Homework), Spanish

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Spanish Maestra Parsons (Homework), Spanish

Policies:1. All homework must be turned in on time in order to receive full credit. 2. Homework will only be accepted up to 3 days late at 75% credit.3. At the end of each quarter, there will be one day when you can turn in any late work at 50% credit. 4. Homework will be graded based on completion. If you try your best on homework, you will receive full credit. 5. I do not accept incomplete homework. 6. Homework will be turned into your class period's "caja".7. It is my goal to return graded homework the day after it is due and we will then go over the most difficult questions as a class. 8. Any homework that has been copied from the internet or another student's work will be given a 0% for cheating and plagiarism.


Policies and TipsSpanish Maestra Parsons

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1) Don't use a translator!!!It is an easy trap to fall into. Translators are not real people and can lead you astray when translating more than one sentence at a time. Just stay away! Use your dictionary instead.2)Try as hard as you can on your own before going to a friend for help.Mastering a foreign language can be a very difficult thing to do so it's important to push yourself before you ask a friend for help. Sometimes you may have the right answer when your partner doesn't. 3)Remember to do your best!I want to make sure you are at least attempting to succeed in this class. As long as you do the homework to the best of your abilities you will get full credit. Wrong answers don't matter! Just try your best! We review the homework the following day to make sure you get it right for the test (when wrong answers do matter). is here to help!



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