Spanish Explorers

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Spanish Explorers

SpanishExplorersBy: Fannie, Natalie, Gracie, and Katlynne

Christopher Columbus This Italian born explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the "New World" of the Americas in 1492 on a mission to find a shorter route to Asia. In 1492, Columbus left Spain in the Santa Maria, with the Pinta and the Niña sailing behind. He is known for opening up the Americas to European colonization(Columbian Exchange).

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish conquistador who participated in the search of Central America and Peru and also discovered the Mississippi River. In the early 1530s, de Soto helped conquer Peru on a mission with Francisco Pizarro. In 1539 when he set sail for North America, he discovered and his body was lowered into the Mississippi River when he died. de Soto is known for the discovery of the Mississippi and the kidnapping of Lady Cofitachiqui.

Hernando de Soto

Francisco GordilloBefore being a Spanish Explorer he was believed to be the captain of the Spanish Navy. In 1521 Frabcisco and Spanish Slaver Pedro de Quejo were sent off by De Allyon to explore the New World, after this they would be known as the first known Europeans to explore South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and the Virginia coasts. South Carolina Jorney


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