Spanish Exploration

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Spanish Exploration


San Miguelde Gualdape

Spain's presencein America

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Lucas Vasqez de Allyon sailed to South Carolina with a fleet of ships. There Allyon started the first settlement in SC. He named it San Miguel de Gualdape. Here he hoped to claim and discover silver and gold as well as Catholic converts. The settlement seemed to boom at first. But within a year many settlers including Allyon died from malaria. The Spaniards and slaves rebelled causing the settlers to call it quits. It was later abandoned.

The Spanish claimed large territory they called New Spain. they also claimed in what is now southeastern United States called La Florida and established the first permanent European settlement in North America at St Augustine. The Spanish also claimed territory in Southwestern United States all the way up to present-day Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Some pictures of Spanish Exploration

Why Explore?Christopher Columbus wanted to find a shorter sailing route to trade with Asia. Also, Spain was powerful but they wanted more power.


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