Spanish exploration

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Spanish exploration

Reasons for ExplorationColumbus- Columbus wanted to find a shorter route to Asia. Instead, he discovered North America, which paved the way for other explorers to explore South Carolina.Cortes- Cortes wanted to conquer the Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan and find gold.De Soto- De Soto wanted to conquer Florida for Spain, but he also ended up exploring South Carolina.

Spanish Explorers-Christopher Columbus-He was born 1451, and died in 1506 . He was trying to find a shorter route to Asia but ended up exploring North and South America. -Hernan Cortes- He first served as soldier in an expedition of Cuba. He ignored orders and traveled to Mexico with 500 men and 11 ships in 1519 and defeated the Aztecs. -Hernando De Soto- He made a fortune in the Central America slave trade. He was the first European to encounter the Mississippi River. De Soto explored South Carolina and the cheifdom of Cofitachequi in search of gold.

Interesting Facts- Hernando De Soto died because of fever and his crew members sank his body into the Mississippi River.- Christopher Columbus was arrested by the Spanish Crown for neglecting the Hispaniola settlement in the New World.- Henan Cortes first set sail to the New World when he was only 19.- Before exploring the new world himself, De Soto helped Francisco Pizzarro conquer Peru.

This drawing shows Hernando De Soto, the first European to se the Mississippi River.

This is a depiction of Columbus claiming the New World for Spain.

This painting shows an artist's depiction of Hernan Cortes.

This illustration shows Columbus departing from Spain for the New World.

Resolution- Columbus eventually made a total of four trips to the New World.- Cortes was later named governer of New Spain. - While crossing the Mississippi River, De Soto was struck with fever and eventually died from it.

From Spain to South Carolina: Across the High Seas

Citation:Hicks, Timothy E. The South Carolina Journey. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith Education, 2013. Print.


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