Spanish Exploration in South Carolina Group 9

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Spanish Exploration in South Carolina Group 9

Spanish Exploration in South Carolina

ExplorationSpain's motives for exploration were...~God, Glory, and Gold~They wanted to find a route to Asia and the West Indies.~The Spanish wanted to fin the Northwest passage for spices, silk, and money.~They wanted to claim new land for their empire.~Spain was really in search of mineral wealth or Gold, El Porado, and the City of Gold.~The Spainish also wanted to spread Christianity.

The Spanish were the first to explore coastal regions of South Carolina. Juan Pardo was the first Spanish explorer to explore South Carolina in the 1560's. None of the 13 Colonies were Spanish. Spanish did have an influence on the culture of today, by bringing horses to the United States and other needed resources to the colonies.

Interesting Facts

Franciso Pizarro

The Spanish fled to St. Agustine after a very unsuccessful settlement in South Carolina.

Franciso Gordillo

Christopher Columbus

Spanish Map of Exploation in South Carolina

Interesting Facts about South Carolina

Citation of The South Carolina JourneyHicks, Timothy E. "Two Worlds Meet." In The South Carolina Journey, 14-21. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith Education, 2013.

By: Isaac Earnhardt, Drew Crawford, Josh Hawkins, Deya Montoya, and Rebecca Mason

Resolution(Or what happened in the end)After the Spanish failed at settling in South Carolina, they fled to St. Agustine, Florida. They failed at their attempt of settling because they didn't bring enough food or supplies to keep the colony running.


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