Spanish Civil War

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Spanish Civil War

War & Weaponry

The Russians unvieled their new and most impressive T-34 medium tank. Dispite being the first core medium battle tank, it suffered from an astronomical number of technical errors, and for the Republicans, the tank would be a massive disappointment. However, realization of these errors and nessecary corrections would make it one of the best tanks of World War II.

The year is 1936 and Spain is in a roilng economic crisis. The government keeps pledging to make things better, but changes never come. Finally, the people's frustration with the monarchs boils over, and Spain is thrown into a war of idiolegies that would be the testing grounds for the deadly weapons of World War II.


Spanish Civil War


The cutting edge Franco and his fascist forces had was the German bomber: the Heinkel He. 111. This new modern bomber could outrun any figher in the 1930s and could therfore easily deliver its deadly payload to any target in Spain.


As a resut of the new technology, Spanish cities were disasters. German bombers destroyed huge amounts of Spanish infrestructure, and Spain would remain a complete mess until well after World War II.

The Russians would improve their T-34 tank, and it would become one of the best tanks in World War II. The Brittish, baffled at the German's new modern bombers, scrambled to create what would become the best figher arm on the globe. Meanwhile, the German fascists would capitalize on their surerior technology and bring fascism to all of Spain


The Spanish Civil War introduced all kinds of new modern weaponry. The Russians unvieled their new T-34 medium tank. The Germans introduced their new modern bombers, and every army tested new tactics in a testing ground for the machinery of World War II.


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