Spanish American War

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Spanish American War

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Major EventsWar was declared in April 1898.June 1898 U.S. troops land in Cuba.July 1898 U.S. defeats Spain at the Battle of San Juan Heights.July 1898 U.S. defeats Spain at Santiago Bay,Cuba.December 1898 U.S. signed the Treaty of Paris.

EffectThe Treaty of Paris resolved the Spanish American War in effect along with The United States took control over Cuba, Puerta Rico, and Guam.

CauseCuban's demanded independance from Spain requesting the United States to help. Cubans started destroying the United States sugar cane factories costing the U.S. money. What started the war was the U.S. Main was in the harbor and it blew up leaving Spain to blame.

Key WeaponsRifels, pistols,machine guns, Bayonets, and Revolvers are key weapons used during the Spanish American War.


Spanish American War

Spanish American War

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