[2015] Bobbi-Ann Williams (8-2): Spanish American War

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[2015] Bobbi-Ann Williams (8-2): Spanish American War

Spanish American War

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Time Line

Early 1898

USS Maine sent to Cuba.

April 24, 1898

The United States went to war with Spain in the Spanish American War.After that U.S declares war on Spain the Next Day.

May 1st , 1898

The U.S. destroys Spain's navy in the Battle of Manila Bay. Four hundred Spanish sailors were killed, while only six Americans were wounded.

July 1st 1898

July 17,1898

U.S forces attack Spain on the southern coast of Cuba.Spanish troops at San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill are overwhelmed by U.S. troops. Including the Rough Riders, led by Teddy Roosevelt.

The Spanish navy in the Caribbean is destroyed in the Battle of Santiago.

April 1898 - August 1898

August 12th 1898

The United States signed a cease-fire agreement with Spain that brought an end to the Spanish-American War. Spain agreed to grant independence to Cuba and hand over Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to the United States.

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By:Bobbi-Ann Williams 8-2


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