Spain's Fashion

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Spain's Fashion

This video shows different types of clothing that women wear in Spain.

Fast Facts - June throughAugust their clothing is very bright, lose and comfortable. - Fall and Winter their clothes are mid-to-dark colors. -For work men wear suits and women wear flashy power suits.

Spain's fashion

Clothes in Spain were made of rich and heavy fabrics and decorated with gold and silver threads. Female Flamenco performers wear spanish dresses in red, black, or white with their hair in a bun and a rose behind their ear.

Spanish people care about their appearance and image. When they pick out clothes, their first rule is to respect their religion.

Jewels, jeweled buttons, points and ornaments, heavy girdles and collars on clothing were influenced by the Moorish Culture.

This is what they would wear when they go out.

The male flamenco performers traditional costumes are made of black or red tuxedos shirts and classic slacks.


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