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Social Studies

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Spain has a diverse nation of about 43 million people

Spain's flag the flag is red and yellow and has a picture on the left side. The colors relate to the oldest Spanish kingdoms. The national coat of arms picture is on the side of the yellow strip.

In 1939, Spain was defeated by the Spanish Civil War

Spanish is a romance language based on Latin, which is spoken in Spain

On the first August, a townsquare of a small town gather and throw tomatoes at each other.

In festivals, people wear traditional dresses and dance all day

Food usually includes cold meat, cheese, and bread, but mainly fish.

When someone young loses their first tooth, a ceremony is frequently held.

SoccerThe most famous sport in Spain is soccer. Spain's favorite soccer team is Real Madrid

Each time the clock gongs at midnight, everyone pops a grape into their mouth. 12 grapes symbolize good luck each month for a year


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