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Social Studies
European history

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During 711 A.D, the Moors took over Spain and would rule for the next700 years. The Moors allowed the people who already lived there to keep their religion, such as Christianity and Judaism, as long as they paid higher taxes. The Moorish culture was the most advanced culture in Europe during 800-1000 A.D.

GEOGRAPHY-Spain is located in Europe.There are many natural resources such as, dense forests and oceans. The dense forestsprovide wood and the ocean provides food such as, fish. Franceand Spain and separated from the rest of Europe.

RELIGION- Christianity was legalizedin the 4th century. Spain wasoften under rule of the Moor. The Moor tolerated Jews and Christians, they were taxed higher than the Moors. Because of the higher taxes, manypeople converted over to Islam. Later, Jews and Muslimshad to convert to Christianity. Jews and Muslims were soonbanished from Spain because of the new rulers.

ACHIEVMENTS-In wars they usedmany weapons that are used today such as, swords, axeslongbows, crossbows, etc.

POLITICS-Spain was ruled byRoman Government.The government was over ruled by Germanic warriors called Visigoths,They ruled for 4 centuries.

ECONOMICS-The disorganizedsystem made it easy for all different types of families to gain power and wealth.

SOCIAL STRUCTURE-This is the pyramid that represented the social structure of Spain.


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    Everybody says Spain is a great place, but I just don't see it. If you ask me it's just nothing special. To be fair it is not one of the worst countries, but certainly it does not crack the top 10. Good effort though. Maybe next time you can do better and try to appease the liberal establishment you so highly regard.