[2015] 5 PC: Spain

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[2015] 5 PC: Spain

•The largest city and capital of Spain is Madrid•The second largest city is Barcelona, which is located in Catalonia.

Fast Facts - ...The population in Spain is about 47.27 million people - ... Spain’s main industries are in shipbuilding and tourism

Spain By: Raci Miranda

Spain Timeline of Events

The clothing of Spain people is really modest the ladies always wear clothing that covers up. The men are lazy about their appearence and the women are too.


Spain’s type of government is Monarchy. Monarchy is a form of government with a monarch at the head.

Spain's Flag

Spain’s first inhabitants were, The Celts, Iberians, and Basques. Spain’s official name is El Reino de España, which stands for “The Kingdom of Spain.”

Where Spain is located in the world


The local food in Spain!

Spaniards drink alot of coffee

The currency in Spain is called Euros.Euros are .88 in America.

Spain Report


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