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spaghetti Worms

Spaghetti Worm

The Spaghetti Worm is a segmented worm who is closely related to the earthworm. Like most segmented worms, the Spaghetti Worm's cylindrical body is divided into different segments. They also have spaghetti-like tentacles that extend much longer than their body.

You can clearly see how the worms body is segmented, and how it's tentacles resemble spaghetti.

Spaghetti Worms live a sedentary life, positioning themselves between rocks and allowing their tentacles to gather their food. They tend to live in Tropical waters.

Here, you can easily see the small cluster of the red tentacles that were just desribed

Each worm has a cluster of much smaller red tentacles, called branchiae, that act as gills. They use them to absorb oxygen from the surrounding area.

You can see here how the worms live in their habitats.

The only thing scientists are sure of about this worm's reproductive habits is it occurs externally. The rest is unknown.

The worms use their tentacles to gather dead materials around them. When they come in contact with potential food they grab it and pull it into their mouth.

You see here the worm's tentacles pulling the potential meal into their mouth.

The worm is separated into it's thick body, red gills, and elastic tentacles.

You can clearly see each part of the worm's body.

Extra Facts:The scientific name of the spaghetti worm is Saxipendium coronatum. Their tentacles can grow back if they're snapped off.


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