Spacesuit Project Engineer

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Spacesuit Project Engineer

Examples of Schools to Attend:-Purdue University-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-California Institute of Technology (Caltech)-Rice University

Spacesuit Engineer Amy Ross interviewing and testing the newest space suit design.

Spacesuit Project Engineer

Job Responsibilities:- designing and overseeing the manufacture of the various parts of the suit (depending on which part you specialize in)-performing numerous tests to test the mobility, reliability, and usefulness of the suit-performing extensive research into new technologies that should be incorporated into the suit (such as commercial lights for nighttime EVA traversing, helmet mounted visual display, and array microphone system development)-monitoring the health conditions of the astronauts in the suits-work with outreach programs to make sure these science, engineering, and mission activities are well communicated to students, educators, and the general public.

Degree Needed:A Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical EngineeringA firm understanding of physics and calculus is necessary to be able to design a functional spacesuit capable of widthstanding the harsh conditions of space , protecting the astronaut, and allowing for mobility.




Space Shuttle

Each new mission requires a new space suit development to accomodate the goals of the astronauts for that particular mission. The newest developments and designs for the space suits are being optimized for a return to the moon and beyond.

In this position, I would be interested in specializing in designing the life support system for the space suit as well as the development of a helmet that is functional for protection as well as technologically advanced.

Past space suit designs


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