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Step 7: Close off the slits with another piece of duct tape wrapped around the foam tube.

Step 2:Cut a 12 cm. length of duct tape down the middle to make two pieces. Place one piece over the other, sticky to shiny side, to make the tape extra-strong.

Step 6:Now nest the fins together, and place them in the slits. •

Step: 5Cut four fins from cardboard •Cut a 10 cm. square, draw a diagonal and cut along the diagonal (forming 2 isosceles triangles). Then cut half-way down the height of one triangle and half-way up the other.

Step 4:Tape the rubber band down to the tube, using the double strength duct tape at right angles to the rubber band. Press the tape down to the sides of the tube.• Reinforce this tape with another length of tape wrapped around the top end of the side of the tube.

Step 3:Place a (single strand of a) rubber band across the top of the foam tube.

Trigger Questions-What are rockets?-How do they work?-What are they used for?-If you sent your rocket straight up into the air where do you think it would land?

Step 1:Using scissors, cut one 30-cm. length of pipe insulation for each rocket.• Cut four equally-spaced slits, each about 8 cm. long, at one end of the tube. This will be the tail of the rocket. The fins will go into these slits.

Design and make a foam rocket

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 5:

Equipment:For each rocket:• Foam pipe insulation (½” diameter) – 30 cm length• Wide rubber band - (6 mm. size 64 works well)• Duct tape• Cardboard or styrofoam food tray (for fins)• Scissors• Long tape measure• Metre stick

Let's rocket into space

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