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Space shuttles are what we use to make repeated journeys between the earth and earth orbit.. They are shot into orbit by rockets. LEO is a term they use to say low earth orbit. All space shuttles in LEO orbit around the earth in about 90 minuets. Humans do go on space shuttles and there are lots and lots of cameras and supplies on them. We put the cameras there to see space, and we put the supplies there to give to the people at the space stations. Space shuttles are important because they can make many journeys. All in all, space shuttles are an important part of discovering the mysteries of space.

Space Shuttles

Exploring Space

Name: Kate, Ru Date: 3-13-14

Space stations are places where astronauts can go to do research in space. For four decades, space stations provided a home and workplace where astronauts could live and carry out research a few hundred miles above the planet. The first space station was the soviet salyut 1, put into orbit in 1971. One crew spent 28 days onboard the soviet salyut 1. The second manned space station was the american skylab, which orbited earth from 1973 to 1979. In total, nine stations have orbited earth. The ISS is the largest most recent space station to orbit earth. ISS stands for International Space Station. The ISS orbits 15 times a day at an altitude of 240 miles. Overall, space stations deserve to be known for helping us carry out resaerch.

Space crafts are vehicles designed to fly in outer space. They are used to bring humans and supplies places. They are also used for communication, observation of earth, and exploration of planets. They observe planets by taking multiple pictures and videos of the planets. These pictures and videos then go straight to the headquarters for all of the workers to see and do research on. That is how we discovered what all the other planets look like. If it weren't for space crafts, we wouldn't know about all of the other planets.

Space Stations

Space Crafts

Astronauts spacewalk to discover information from space. Most astronauts whare a jet pack propelled backpack to help them get through the air in outer space. And fewer than 10 astronauts have been completely free of their crafts, including the jet pack propelled backpack. Before 2010, astronauts barely performed spacewalks, now the number is greater. Also, astronauts have spent a total of 900 hours spacewalking outside the space stations.One man, named Ron Evans, even made a one hour and six minute long walk to retrieve film from a camera. Overall, spacewalks are mainly used to gather information from space.

Spacesuits and Spacewalks

Rockets and Satellites

Satellites are what we use to look at the earth from above. They are sent up into space by rockets. All satellites have cameras on them so the people working at the labs at the headquarters will be able to see down from space. More than 150 observation satellites orbit the world. And we know where every single one of them are. Satellites with intermediate orbits, in 12 hours, go 12,400 miles. Also, there are two radar based satellites called J1 and J2, they are instuments to monitor the exact shape of the ocean surface. Overall, satellites are important to see the world from a different perspective.

Rockets have many different parts and sections. The rocket is the only known vehicle that can travel into outer space. Sometimes they bring satellites up there, or space shuttles. The launch sites are an important part of launching a rocket. The launch site Baikonuris is the largest launch site in the world, and has been operating since 1957. Baikonuris was also used for historic launches such as vostok 1, the first manned space flight in 1961. All in all, Rockets and launch sites are important parts of exploring space.

SPACECarole Stott and others2010

Space suits are an important aspect of spacewalking. These suits provide oxygen for the astronauts. Also, the outer layer is made of bullet proof, waterproof, and fire resistant fabrics. They are also tear-resistant. Up by the head of the space suits are lights and a camera to record the astronauts environment. The boots that the astronauts have on are soft soled because their feet are not used to spacewalking. One suit is used about 25 times before it get replaced. Over all, if you don't have a space suit when you spacewalk, you will die.


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