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Rovic's Space Glog

This is our galaxy's black hole called "Sagitterius A*." It is a type of black hole catogorized as a "Supermassive" black hole. This black hole is 26,000 light-years away from the solar system.

This is a picture of the Milky Way, the galaxy that contains the solar system. By the way it is shaped, this galaxy is called a "Spiral" galaxy. Like most other galaxies, the Milky Way contains a black hole in the center called "Sagitterius A*" (Shown below.)

This is Mercury. It is one of the inner planets,(One of the rocky planets), and has the shortest orbit of 88 days. Each day on Mercury is 58 Earth days.

This is the Sun. This star is the main source of heat in the solar system. It also keeps the solar system from floating away in space.

This is our solar system. It consists of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Dwarf Planets, and other smaller bodies.

This is Venus. Like Mercury, Venus is an inner planet. It takes 224 Earth days to orbit the Sun. Each day on Venus is 116 Earth days.

This is Earth. It is another inner planet has an orbit of 365-366 Earth days. Each day on Earth is 24 hours. Earth is the only planet so far that has been suitable for life.

This is Mars. It is the last of the inner planets and has an orbit of 687 Earth days. Each day on Mars is about 1 Earth day. Like Earth, Mars has 2 polar caps,(North and South).

Special thanks to NASADedicated to Jarren Baladadand to Olgier Cabe

This is Jupiter. It is the start of the outer planets,(One of the gas planets) and has an orbit of 4,332 Earth days. Each day on Jupiter is 10 hours. This planet's greatest moon is Ganymede. Jupiter is famous for its "Great Red Spot". Jupiter has 3 rings.

This is Saturn. It is, like Jupiter, an outer planet with an orbit of 10,759 Earth days. Each day on Saturn is about 10 hours. Saturn's largest moon is Titan. This planet is famous for its rings. It has over 1,000 rings.

This is Uranus. It is an outer planet and has an orbit of 84 years. Each day on Uranus is about 17 hours. Uranus's largest moon is called "Titania". This planet is famous for its unusual angle.(Not shown above)

This is Neptune. It is an outer planet and has an orbit of 165 Earth years. Each day on Neptune is about 16 hours. This planet's largest moon is called "Triton". Neptune is famous for having the fastest winds in the solar system.


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