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Outer Space

Conditions of SpaceThere is no air, water, gravity, its a vacuum, and mostly dark. There is also extreme temperature varying from extremely hot near the sun and extremely cold when your farther from the sun.

Technology used for ExplorationSpace Stations used technology to explore. Here are a few: Telescopes, used to see remote objects, Space Probes used to explore planets, and Space shuttles is a reusable Spacecraft.

Beyond Earth's AtmosphereEverywhere beyond the Earth's atmosphere is Outer Space. Our Outer Space is part of the galaxy that we're currently living which is the Milky Way.

This is a space probe

This is our Solar System

This is the CanadaArm2

Vegetation and AnimalsThere are no organisms living in Space. The problem is the conditions of Space. No air, water, nutirents, habitats, and the temperature can be too extreme. These are all the problems that prevent organisms from living in Space.

Exploration of Space The reason why people explore space is because astronauts want to learn about the universe and earth, finding new life on planets, to find places to live if Earth overpopulated and to protect Earth from comets and asteroids.

This is the International Space Station

Canadian ContributionsCandadian Space contributions to Space includes the Canada Arm 2, Dextre, the Mobile Base and much more. Canada has studied Cardiology, Biology in space. Canada has also sent astronauts like Dave Williams and Chris Hadfield.

This is Chris Hadfield in the I.S.S


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