Space traveling

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Space traveling

How Far Has ManTravelled And WhatHave They Found?

How Do You Get Into Space?A rocket uses special engine proppelers to move and to go. It takes about 8and a half hours to get to the ISS. Each rocket takes normally 2-3 subcrews each journey. Each subcrew stays for about 6 months in space then leaves.

The furthest anyone has ever been is 400,171 km that was a group that was called Apollo 13. Apollo 13 went further than the moon from earth.That record has never been been broken

How Far Into Space Have We Travelled And Who?

What Are Some Things That We Have Discovered In Space?Here are some things that intrested me SUN:The sun is a boiling ball of gas. The sun has been lighting our solar system for 4.6 billion years.The sun is 93 million miles away from earth. The sun is so big 1.3 million earths can fit inside it. The sun is nearly a million miles in diameter. The sun dominates all life on earth.JUPITAR:Jupitar is the largest planet in our solar system. The planet is known for incredible storms. jupitar is 3 times wider then our earth. Jupitar has no solid surface, the atmosphere is mostly made out of hydrogen and helium. Not like our earth jupitar has 63 moons not like we do, we only have 1 moon. Jupitar is named after a Roman God.


VocabularyDominates- to have more power.Mile- A way of saying kilometre in mesurement.(length)Orbit- A curved path,rotating round in elliptical shape around the sun.Diameter- the length of object ( another word for perimeter )

How do you find things in space? `Here is how we found the sun and jupitar?JUPITER: No one knows who discovered jupitar but we know ancient gods in greek named it after the king ZuesSUN: No one knows whio discovered because it has always been their and when the first people were their they thought the sun moved and did not know what it was called.


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