space travel

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space travel



Would you pay alot of money just to go to space? Don't you think it will be fun to be floating around doing nothing but relaxing? Well i think the answer for this 2 questions is YES, but would you risk your life to go up there? Space exploration provides alot of people with well paying jobs. people that go to space get paid alot because they risk their lifes. some people even say that they get paid their weight in gold! Astronuts start out at GS-11. They make $59,493 a year!!! I wonder if astronuts go to space because they really want to learn about it or doo they just do it to get paid alot? Astronauts spend alot of time up in space here ore some of the things they do during their free time. one of the tihings they like doing is sight seeing, they enyoing spending hours looking out their window watching the earth and the beutiful view they have at sunset and sunrise! they also do racing, card games, and even play games in the computer! Astronauts also have to take alot of food two space because they spend alot of time up there.some of their foods are freezed dried, which they have to add water to be able to eat them. Astronauts eat four meals a day her are some of their choices! But once they eat something they have to dump it. astronauts use the restroom in a very wierd way. Well they have a toilet in each space shuttle. but the toilet uses floowing air instead of water. the nasty thing is that there is no shower in the shuttle, so astronuats have to keep washing them selfs with a sponge until they get back home!!! Astronauts don't do much diffrence on living on space than living in earth. But all the work they do is worth just because of human curiosity!!!!!


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