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Space Travel Timeline

1st of October 1958The national Aeronautics and space advines began operation.

14th May 1973Skylab,a small orbital space platform was launched. Skylab became home to three crews during 1973-74 for periods of 28,59 and 84 days respectively.

7th of November 1958NASA research pilots John Mckay made the last flight in the X_1E.

17_19th of December 1972Apollo 17 was the last of the six Apollo missions to the moon and the only one to include a scientist. The crew of astronauts were Eugene A.Cernan,Ronald A.Evans and Dr Harrison H.Jack Schmitt, a geoligist.

17th of February 1959The United States launched Vanguard 2,an International Geophysical Year scientific satellite,from Cape Canaveral Florida.

4th of July 1997The Mars path finder rover landed on Mars. It was launched on a Delta 11 rocket from Cape Canaveral Florida on 4th of December 1996.

12th of April 1981Astronauts John W. Young and Robert L.Crippen flew space shuttle Columbia on the first flight of the space Transportation System. (STS-1)

3rd of March 1959The United States sent pioneer 4 to the moon,successfully making the first U.S lunar fly by.

4th of May 1989The Magellan mission to Venus began following launch on STS_30.H arrived at Venus in September 1990 and using radar,mapped 99 percent of the surface at high resolution.

24th of April 1990Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope from the space shuttle Columbia (STS_31).

1st April 1960The United States launched TIROS1,the first successful meteoroligical satellite for monitoring earths weather.

18_24th of June 1983Sally K.Ride flew on the STS-7mission and became the first American woman to fly into space

25th May 1961President John F.Kennedy in his "Urgent National Needs'speech,commited the United States and NASA to landing on the moon by the end of the decade.

29th of September 1988The 26th shuttle flight,by dicovery marked the successful return to flight for the Space shuttle.

2nd of March 1972Pioneer 10 was launched to Jupiter from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

12th of August NASA successfuly orbited Echo1,a 100_foot in flatable,passive communic actions satellite.

7th of June 1962Mariner 4 arrived at MArs and passed within 6,118 miles of the planets surface after an eight month journey This mission provided the first close_up images of the "Red" planet.

3rd of October 2006Dr John Mather, of NASA'S Goddard Space Flight Center, recieved the 2006 Nobel prize for Physics.

11-17th May 197056 hours into the flight of Apollo 13,the oxygen tank in the service module ruptured and damadged several of the power,electricaland life support systems. All crew members returned safely to Earth.

Nasa Timeline By Zoe 5/6A

4th of July 1997The Mars path finder rover landed on Mars. It was launched on a Delta 11 rocket from Cape Canaveral Florida on 4th of December 1996.

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