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Space Travel Timeline

October 4, 1957


~ First artificial satellite ~ Launched by the SovietUnion~ Purpose was to study Earth and the solar system

Space Travel Timeline

August 19,1960

Sputnik 5

~ Contained two dogs (Belka and Strelka), 40 mice, 2 rats, and a variety of plants~ Orbited for one day~ All animals survived~ They were the first living creatures to survive orbital flight


April 12, 1961

~ Launched Russiancosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space~ Made a 108 minute flight~ First man ever in space

Voskhod 2

March 18,1965

~ Held 2 Russian men: AlexeyLeonov and Pavel Belyayev~ Lasted about 1 day~ Tethered to the spacecraft, Leonov became the first man to"walk" in space

July 18,1969

Apollo 11

~ Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins~ Landed on the moon and spent21.5 hours there~ Neil Armstrong was the first manto step foot on the moon~ "That's one small step for man,one giant leap for mankind."

December 7,1972

Apollo 17

~ 12 crew members~ Last Apollo mission to the moon~ Eugene A. Cernan andHarrison H. Schmitt becamelast men on the moon ever

Hope Walborn Pd 2

Challenger STS-41-B

February 3,1984

~ First untethered space walk~ Lasted 5 hours and 55 minutes~ Walked by AmericanBruce McCandless

August 24,1990


~ Deployed the HubbleTelescope~ Named after Edwin Hubble~ Made many discoveries

October 29,1998


~ At age 77, JohnGlenn Jr. becomes the oldest man ever in space~ 6 others~ About 9-10 days

Soyuz TM-32

April 28,2001

~ Dennis Tito payed$20 million to the Russiansfor a ride in orbit~ Spent about 6 days inorbit~ First ever space tourist

August 25,2003

Spitzer SpaceTelescope

~ Launched from florida~ 2-5 year estimated life~ 33 inch diameter~ Largest diameter infraredtelescope at the time

January 15,2006


~ Returned to Earth after about 7 years~ Landed in a desert nearSalt Lake City~ Brought back first dustever from a comet

March 6,2009


~ Launched on March 6,2009~ Purpose was to search for planets outside our solar system, ex. nearMilkey Way

August 6,2012


~ Launched November 28,2011 ~ Arrived on Mars on August 6, 2012~ As large as a car~ Carries advanced equipment to research Mars

December 3,2014

Hayabusa 2

~ Jappanese~ Designed to study asteroid1999 JU3 from different angles~ Mission is planned to be complete in 2020


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