[2015] Timothy Dimech: Space timeline

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[2015] Timothy Dimech: Space timeline

Space timeline

1929 Robert Goddard launches a rocket that carries the set of scientific tools like a biorometer and a camera

1909 Neil Armstrong went on a misson called Apollo 11 to the moon on the 20th of July1909.

Neil ArmstrongNeil Armstrong was born in August th 5th 1930 and died August 25th 2012 and was the first successful man to land on the moon.

1942German V2 was the first rocket to reach 100 km from earth.

1947 The first animals were launched into space.

The first animal to go to space were Fruit flies to study the effect on animals in space.

1949Albert the monkey went to space.

1949Albert the monkey went to space.

Albert the Monkeythe first monkey in space . Albert came from Asia originally. Albert went to space in a V2 rocket that can reach 83 miles high.

1957Space dog Laika is the first dog dog to go to space.

Laika Space dog. Laika was the first animal to orbit the earth. Laika mean Barker in German. Laika helped understand if people can survive in space.

1971American astronauts on mission 4 5 and 6 apollo enjoyed the Lunar rover.


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